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The menu at Activity nurseries has been designed to provide a well balanced choice of food for young children.

Young children require food that gives them sufficient energy throughout the day which will promote the health of an active growing child.  It is important that the daily diet is not too high in fibre or too low in fat, as this will not provide the energy levels required.

Breakfast is an essential part of a child’s nutritional requirement.  The breakfast cereal on offer to the children at the nursery gives them a variety of healthy options to start the day.

The snacks that are given ensure that sufficient energy levels are kept up between meals.  These snacks also compliment the child’s daily diet.

The tea menu also gives a good variety of nutritional foods for the children.  Tea is served at approximately 4pm therefore most children will require additional food / snacks in the evening.


The lunch menu provides a variety of foods from the four main groups these are;

Starchy foods    bread, potato, pasta, rice, cereals.
Protein foods soya, quorn, fish, cheese, eggs, baked beans, pulses.
Dairy foods
milk and cheese.
Fruit & Vegetables

As well as producing a healthy variety every effort has been made to offer the children food’s we hope they like and enjoy.


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